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Grand Staircase Escalante was made a National Monument by the Clintons. Not for the reasons you would think.

Clinton created the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to close the largest anthracite coal field in the nation along the Kaiparowitz Plateau in Kane County, Utah. The Kentucky-based Andalux Resources coal company held leases on the 3,400 acre coal field which contains about 7 billion tons of low sulfur anthracite coal worth $1.5 trillion in 1996 dollars. When Clinton nationalized 1/7th of Utah, he killed 1,000 jobs and about $50 million in payroll dollars per year going into Kane County. Working class Utahans lost their livelihood, but Clinton paid his expected quid pro quo to a foreigner who could not legally donate money to Clinton’s political campaign.

This was no gift to the environmentalists.  Low sulfer, anthracite coal is the cleanest burning coal their is on the planet. Coal is responsible for 33% of U.S energy production. It also known as the major source of pollution in the United States. Anthracite coal is only .2% of all US Coal production.

“Subbituminous: Generally used for electricity generation, subbituminous coal contains 35% to 45% carbon. A major component of U.S. coal production, subbituminous coal makes up 47% of U.S. coal production by weight and 41% by energy intensity. Although subbituminous coal has the second lowest energy content, large quantities are found in thick beds near the surface, resulting in low mining cost and, correspondingly, lower prices. Wyoming produces the vast majority of subbituminous coal in the U.S.

Bituminous: Containing the widest range of carbon content (45% to 86%), bituminous is mainly used as a fuel to generate electricity, though some is used as coking coal to produce steel. The oldest and most abundant coal type found in the United States, bituminous coal makes up 45% of U.S. coal production by weight and 54% by energy intensity. West Virginia leads production, followed by Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Lignite: Lignite has the lowest energy content of the four types. It is used in electricity generation and comprises 7% of U.S. coal production by weight and 5% by energy intensity. Lignite coal is typically comprised of coal deposits which have had the least amount of heat, pressure, and time to develop. As a result, lignite has a low carbon content (25% to 35%). Texas and North Dakota are the main producers of lignite.

Anthracite: Anthracite has the highest carbon content (86% to 97%). Rare in the U.S., it comprises only 0.2% of total coal production. All the anthracite mines in the U.S. are located in northeast Pennsylvania.

Seven Billion Tons of Anthracite Coal. In 2013 the United States used less than 1 million tons of coal. So, the Anthracite at Grand Stairway Escalante was enough to last this country almost 7,000 years!!!  Anthracite Coal, by the way, is virtually smoke and emission free. Pollution problem solved.

Of course, when the Clintons sold their souls to the Communist Chinese, and their alleged front company, the Lippo Group, they also sold out the people of Utah and the United States. The coal in Utah was allegedly Lippo’s only real clean coal competition. In just one example:

“According to the ENERGY ECONOMIST for Sept., 1994, Entergy Group of Little Rock, in partnership with the Lippo Group of Hong Kong, signed a memorandum of understanding with the North China Power Corporation for the cooperative management and expansion of the $1 billion 1,200 megawatt coal-fired Daton 2 power plan in Shanxi Province.”

The Communist Chinese own the Clintons, and through them, they own a great part of our pollution problems her in the United States.