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FBI Very Interested in Utah Judicial Corruption

According to a source that will go unnamed, the FBI doesn’t think too highly of Utah. He referred to the state as the “Wild West” for corruption. Many individuals, he claims, have been duped into not ratting out their brethren who are members of the Mormon Church.

Apparently, some within the agency still resent the hatchet job the Deseret News and (Both owned by the Mormon Church) laid on their good name back in 2011:


According to a source that will go unnamed, the FBI doesn’t think too highly of Utah. He referred to the state as the “Wild West” for corruption. Many individuals, he claims, have been duped into not ratting out their brethren who are members of the Mormon Church.

Apparently, some within the agency still resent the hatchet job the Deseret News and (Both owned by the Mormon Church) laid on their good name back in 2011:

“The sources provided details of multiple violations of internal FBI policies, including lax oversight of highly classified documents stored inside the Salt Lake City office’s Secret Compartmented Information Facility; the failure to enforce rules that restrict access to areas where classified documents are kept; violations of policies that govern the issuance of FBI credentials; and concerns that high-level FBI officials may have covered up a formal complaint of security violations.

The FBI declined to officially comment on any of the allegations.” (Deseret News)


“The problem is a unified group of victims coming forward”, explained our source, “Before the FBI gets involved they need multiple statements from multiple victims.” The source implied that it was too easy for the forces of corruption to impune, discredit or intimidate a single victim.

“You bring the FBI multiple statements, from multiple victims, and they will turn this state upside down. They have been waiting a long time for this opportunity.”

And we are only too happy to oblige. If you have been victimized by the following individuals, we need your story. You must also be willing to testify, under oath, of any crimes committed against you by any Lawyer or Judge in Utah including the following:

  1. Judge Christine S Johnson
  2. Commissioner Thomas Patton
  3. Joseph Cannon
  4. Chris Cannon
  5. Mark Stubbs (Utah County Attorney)
  6. The Utah Bar Association
  7. Office of Recovery Services
  8. Kelly Peterson (Utah County Attorney)
  9. Any incidents of fraud, unlawful rulings, perjury, Suborning Perjury, Sexual coercion, sex for legal fees, or other illegal behavior naming any of the above or any other Attorney or Judge in the State of Utah.
  10. Any legal rulings made contrary to law by any Judge in Utah.
  11. Any other illegal behavior by attorneys or judges in Utah.


If you have been victimized, email us your story:


All documents will be kept confidential unless you ask them to be published. Otherwise, they will be forwarded to Federal Law Enforcement.

Utah Judicial Corruption Exposes State to Class Action Lawsuit

Utah Attorney General Notified of Pending Class Action Lawsuit

We publish the following, which was sent to the Utah Attorney General in Utah, Sean D Reyes. We invite anyone else that has been victimized to contact us directly at to have your story published. Or simply publish it in the comments section below.

If you would like to participate in this Class Action Lawsuit against the State of Utah and named others contact Mr. Drockton directly


Utah Judicial Corruption Exposes State to Class Action Lawsuit

                     Utah Judicial Corruption Exposes State to Class Action Lawsuit


Dear Sean:

Since 2001 I have been the victim of unlawful and illegal harassment resulting from my actions as a whistleblower against Farmers Insurance, Joe Cannon and Chris Cannon. I exposed the company for its unlawful pattern of overcharging Mormons for their auto insurance, harassing and terminating Mormons for their religious beliefs and discrimination against Mormon Church Leaders.

I went to Congressman Cannon for assistance and he and his brother used my situation to extort campaign contributions from Farmers Insurance. This I also exposed, as well as Cannon’s criminal handling of Geneva Steel’s Pension Fund, Fraudulant activity towards Geneva Steel Pensioners and towards their Creditors.

Mr. Cannon had separated assets worth up to 90 million dollars from Geneva Steel prior to taking the company into bankruptcy. He had also left the Pension plan only 10% funded and fraudulantly turned the Plan over to the Federal Pension Guarantee Corporation for funding.

I played the major role in bringing those assets back into the bankruptcy.

More recently, my son was assaulted by his now ex-wife. She was prosecuted and convicted. He was awarded full custody in the Restraining Order Hearing.

Commissioner Thomas Patton unlawfully and unjustly reversed that custody decree. He also failed to recuse himself based on his past Executive Position with Geneva Steel and his obvious conflict of interest with me and my family.

He also bragged in open Court that he ate lunch with Utah Attorney Kelly Peterson, who was defending my son’s ex-wife. Even more troubling was the fact that my son worked for Thomas Patton at a restaurant owned by his wife and himself when he was a teenager.

Thomas Patton made multiple illegal and unlawful rulings in my son’s divorce and custody hearings, which we have documented.
He also permitted perjured testimony and suborning perjury from Kelly Peterson and his client.

I became suspicious of Kelly Peterson’s relationship with my son’s ex-wife and his unwillingness to provide any billing records whatsoever. Peterson had a cold sore and my son’s ex-wife contracted herpes in her last trimester of pregnancy, placing my son’s child in physical danger of also contracting the STD.

My son tested negative for any and all diseases.

Kelly Peterson took $1500 from me right before the divorce to represent my son and his ex in a custody matter involving her other child. He refused to refund the money and also refused to recuse himself from the divorce matter.

Commissioner Patton was also notified of this conflict but refused to take any action.

Attorney Dan McKay, who represented my son, refused to file an order for recusal with the Court based on his relation ship with the Kelly Peterson, who served as his law clerk.

Mr. McKay also opened my son up to additional liability and prosecution through his structuring of the Divorce Decree.

After my son was taken before Commissioner Patton for accusations that he had not paid off divorce debts (which he had indeed paid) and threatened with imprisonment for the same. I notified the Court of my intent to file a UTAH RICO claim against Attorney Kelly Peterson and his client. which I did.

The Presiding Judge over the case was moved up to the Utah Court of Appeals, but not before he unlawfully sealed the case contrary to RICO state statute.

In the filing, I documented multiple instances of perjury and suborning perjury by Kelly Peterson and his client. I also asked for a Jury Trial.

The Presiding Judge, Christine S Johnson, unlawfully cited Federal RICO law to deny me and my son our day in Court, She dismissed the case without prejudice and told me I could only refile with her.

I was accusing Kelly Peterson of exchanging Legal Services for Sex with my son’s ex-wife. I was denied my Constitutional Rights of Due Process and Discovery. My Subpoenas for billing records were ignored and unenforced by the Court, even after they were stamped with the Court Seal.

To add insult to injury, Judge Christine S Johnson awarded $7,000 in legal fees to Mark Stubbs, who represented my son’s ex-wife in the RICO case, three months after the case was dismissed without prejudice or judgement! Three months is well beyond the 2 weeks allowed by Utah Law to file a request for legal fees.

I am a Professional Journalist, I just learned that I had written multiple articles about Judge Christine S Johnson’s leniancy towards rapists and pedophiles. The articles are still in the search engines under her name.

She should have never heard my case in the first place, due to the glaring animosity she had towards me for my investigative journalism. Clearly, I had no chance of a fair trial.

I am notifying you of these facts not because I expect Justice from you or your office, but because I plan on naming you in a Class Action Lawsuit against the State of Utah with RICO considerations. You are now officially aware and will be held liable for your inaction in these matters.

Since my story has circulated, others are coming to me with stories of their own. You have 48 hours to meet with me personally at my location and try to resolve these issues in a way that is beneficial to all of the victims of your corrupt legal system.

I am publishing this for my own safety and the safety of my family.


Paul A Drockton



Utah’s “Pizzagate” Judge, Christine S. Johnson Retaliates Against Journalist Who Exposed Her

BYU Mafia Member, Judge Christine S Johnson has a reputation to maintain, and its not a good one. In a recent case, she violated the Constitutional rights of a Professional Journalist. She failed to voluntarily recuse herself in a RICO case he filed against a Utah County Lawyer. Fellow Utah BYU Mafia member, Kelly Peterson, was accused of trading sexual favors for free legal services.

Judge Christine S Johnson

Judge Christine S Johnson has a reputation to maintain, and its not a good one. In a recent case, she violated the Constitutional rights of a Professional Journalist when she failed to voluntarily recuse herself in a RICO case he filed against a Utah County Lawyer, Kelly Peterson, accused of trading sexual favors for free legal services.

Here are a few articles the victim wrote about BYU Alumni and purportedly unbiased judge Christine S Johnson:

“First, you are fighting a corrupt, in-bred legal system:
“The Salt Lake Tribune  reports that when it was all over, Judge Christine Johnson ruled that because of errors in the charging document, Pratt should stand trial on only 15 counts: one count of rape, eight counts of forcible sodomy and five counts of object rape, all first-degree felonies, and one count of second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse. The girl’s testimony did not match dates set down in charging documents by prosecutors. Pratt will be formally arraigned on the charges on November 10th, and then the judge will set a date for his trial. He faces up to life in prison if he is convicted.” (Ibid)
With an equally corrupt Judge:
“AMERICAN FORK — A former Boy Scout leader from Orem was sentenced Monday to one year in jail for multiple counts of sexual abuse.
Gary Wade Brown, 42, pleaded guilty in June to four counts of sexual abuse of a child and sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree felonies, and one count of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor. Seven additional charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Brown faced one to 15 years in prison for his crimes, but Judge Christine Johnson said Brown may benefit from treatment as a free man during his 36 months on probation.” (Source)
Who has a history of turning sex offenders, even murderous ones, loose on the Mormons of Utah County:
PROVO — A connection has been uncovered between a man accused of brutally raping a Utah Valley University student and leaving her for dead and the judge who allowed his work release.
The judge who gave Shawn Leonard the OK for work release instead of sending him to prison had previously been his defense attorney.
There are now questions as to why 4th District Judge Christine Johnson didn’t recuse herself from hearing Leonard’s current theft case, which in the legal system is seen as a serious conflict of interest. (Source)
Equally troubling is the attempts by other leading citizens of Utah County attacking the victim instead of the perpetrator:
“5:59pm – Tue Oct 20th, 2009
“This man is my dear neighbor and friend. I truly believe he is innocent. My children and his children are close friends and they say he has never given them reason to believe that he would ever abuse their trust. My daughter has babysat for them and never once did he ever step over the line of trust.
I only know that the girl that is accusing him is a liar, immoral, immodest, and not one to be trusted. I have friends who go to school with the girl and they say she cannot be trusted. Even if it comes down to “he says, she says” I know that Mike Pratt would have hundreds of people/former students willing to testify in behalf of his character. I would like to see how many would testify on behalf of the character of the girl accusing him of these ridiculous accusations.
Also, if a man is committing adultery, the last thing he would do is have sex in open, conspicuous places. Most men would go to great measures to hide their sin. Her accusations are utterly ridiculous. If she claims that he is this type of man, then why haven’t hundreds of other girls come forward whom he knows? Because he would never do anything like this. We feel that all the rotten things being discussed on this comment board are by ignorant people who don’t have all the facts. The media is only allowing you to hear one side of the story. Someone let Mike tell his side of the story.” (Source)
It seems like the only ones that can find support in Mormon, Utah are the perpetrators. From preaching forgiveness instead of criminal prosecution, to spewing slander and libel like the above, the people of Utah can count on one thing and one thing only. The forgiveness of Satanic Psychopaths only leads to more innocent victims and has nothing to do with any true religion. These criminals need to be rooted out, exposed and driven from positions of power.”
Judge Christine S Johnson needs to be held accountable by you, the people of Utah. She will not hold herself accountable, nor will the Mormon Church owned media in Utah condemn a member of its BYU mafia that have taken over the Utah County Justice system.
Demand action now!  Donate to this website so we can spread the word!

New Bar Complaint Exposes Another Utah Lawyer

This was filed with the Utah Bar Association. The problem is you have lawyers disciplining lawyers. That is like a shark disciplining a fellow shark. The system needs elected citizens, not appointed, to investigate corruption in Utah. A civilian Board free from lawyers to represent the public. It used to be the Grand Jury system fulfilled that role. Its time for the people of Utah to stop lawyer abuse.

Here is the Complaint:

Attn Billy Walker, Terrie McIntosh and John Baldwin of the Utah Bar

I wish to register an informal complaint under Article 5 Chapter 14 from the Judicial Council Rules of Judicial Administration against Mark Stubbs, Fillmore Spencer-
3301 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84604

Rule 8.4. Misconduct.

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;

(b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

(d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

(e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law; or

(f) knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law.

In addition, I include your own Opinion on Ethics…

What are the ethical obligations of an attorney who, unaware his client will lie, hears the client commit perjury or otherwise materially mislead a tribunal?

2 Opinion: Counsel who knows that a client has materially misled the court may not remain silent and continue to represent the client; to do so would be “assisting” the client in committing a fraud on the court. Rather, counsel is obligated to remonstrate with the client and attempt to persuade the client to rectify the misleading or untruthful statements to the court. If this is unsuccessful, counsel must seek to withdraw. If withdrawal is denied, counsel must disclose the fraud to the court.

All the documents you need to establish the facts I am presenting to you are filed with the Court under Case #134401990 and Case #160400590.

FACT 1:  I am litigating against Alyssa Alanis in Case #160400590 for Perjury and Making False Statements to the Court in Case #134401990 and Case #160400590 among other issues. I have documented the following False Statements to the Court made by Miss Alanis:

1. “I did not Assault Chris Drockton, he assaulted me.”  This falsehood was again repeated under Mark Stubbs representation, and he included it in his Complaint Response.

2. The facts are Miss Alyssa Alanis was cited by the Spanish Fork Police for Assault and Domestic Violence. She was then prosecuted by the City of Spanish Fork for Assault and Domestic Violence and She was convicted of Assault and Domestic violence by the Court. She now has Assault and Domestic Violence on her record. You will find all the supporting documentation in the complaints filed above.

3. Chris Drockton was NOT cited for anything. In fact, the arresting officer noted that Alyssa Allanis had NO INJURIES, all medical tests were negative showing she had NO INJURIES and Chris had numerous physical injuries from Miss Allanis.

FACT 2: 
Attorney Mark Stubbs has been notified of these falsehoods and no corrective action has been taken as required by your own Ethics Commission and Utah State Law.  In fact, he has continued to deny any responsibility in this matter.

FACT 3: The Court has issued subpoenas on Miss Alanis dealing with our lawsuit which seeks to establish that she paid for her attorney fees through a sexual relationship with her former attorney. Attorney Mark Stubbs has declared that all of her personal financial information, including bank statements and cancelled checks to her attorney are privileged, a direct violation of Utah Law, which states that ALL financial records are public.

FACT 4: I have recommended that Mr. Stubbs resign from the case do to the ethics violations and he has refused. This is a direct conflict with your own Ethics Committee regulations.

FACT 5: Mr. Stubbs has repeatedly violated State Service requirements, claiming he has not received documents we have a signature requirement on, with his office’s signature. Also, violating timelines on document filings.

These are serious ethical concerns that merit a criminal investigation and action taken by the Utah Bar Association. Because the case in point is a RICO lawsuit, it brings up the issue of a possible conspiracy to subvert justice and deny me and others are Constitutional Rights. I am considering a RICO lawsuit against all parties involved that neglect to do their duty under the law. I hope the Utah Bar Association does its duty.


Paul A Drockton M.A.
Attorney Pro-Se
Representing Self

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