The following is a small sample of programs you and your children can watch on Mormon Church owned TV Channel, KSL in Utah. The message, it seems, is we can corrupt your minds because the Church makes a profit on smut and violence.

    1. Saturday Night Live: Demonizes and Lampoons traditional marriage, Christian values. Promotes sexual excess and deviancy. Anti-family, pro-drugs..pro-homosexuality.
    2. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: 
      Due to the nature of the show, nearly every episode of SVU contains violence, sexual dialogue, and/or sexual situations.

      Episodes have included scenes of abuse, violence towards women, forced sexual acts, sexual violation and child molestation. The season’s premiere episode had Benson turn the tables on her captor, a sadistic serial rapist and murderer, and savagely beat him with an iron rod. Almost every episode includes shots of corpses and autopsy analysis. Foul language has included words such as “son of a bitch,” “hell,” “ass”, and “screw.” – See more at:
    3. Elementary: R Rated for excess gore and violence. Promotes prostitution, illicit sex outside of marriage, homosexuality and vivid portrayals of bloody crime scenes. Detective Show.
    4. Days of Our Lives: Soap opera that relies on graphic sex and one night stands to define normal relationships between men and women.
    5. Chicago Fire:
      Language on the series of Chicago Fire included uses of “son of a bitch,” “ass,” “damn,” and “hell.” Violence was frequent, with close-ups of bloody trauma wounds – See more at:

One would hope that a Church that stands for Family Values at the Pulpit would be consistent and promote it on their TV Station. With a $40 billion dollar economic empire, its hard to justify this type of hypocrisy.

Perhaps the Mormon Church could lead the way and produce clean television that is also compelling and entertaining without pandering to the lowest common denominator in society.