Welfare Recipient has two $300 per hour Attorneys Working for Her.

Welfare Recipient has two $300 per hour Attorneys Working for Her.

When it was reported that Alyssa Alanis and Kelly Peterson were being sued under Utah RICO laws for alleged conspiracy, fraud, perjury, prostitution, etc., another very important aspect of the case went ignored. Welfare Fraud.

People in Utah work hard to pay their taxes, sometimes they need help from the State in the form of Welfare Assistance. There is nothing wrong with that. It is unlikely, however, that your average person on public assistance could afford a $300 per hour attorney to represent them in a divorce. Even more unlikely they could also contract with an additional attorney that charges $300 per hour in a Civil Case. That is two Attorneys on retainer at the same time, while collecting Welfare benefits.

If an individual can spend $600 per hour on high cost attorneys, how can they also be eligible for Food Stamps and other public assistance? Alyssa Alanis, now being sued under RICO, and her attorneys, Kelly Peterson and Mark Stubbs have some explaining to do to the people of Utah that pay her welfare benefits.

This isn’t our opinion, its the law.

Asset Limit (Utah Welfare Law)

“You can have no more than $2,000 in assets in order to qualify for financial assistance. This means you may have personal and non-excluded land, houses, buildings, and trailer homes that have value up to $2,000 and still receive assistance. You have up to nine months to sell real property on which you are not living.”

Lump Sum Problems

“If you receive a large sum of money while you are on financial assistance, DWS will declare you ineligible for the month you receive the payment. If you spend down the lump sum below the asset limit by the next month, you can re-qualify for benefits. If you expect to receive a lump sum, you may want to ask DWS to close your case for the month in which you will receive the payment. This will help you avoid an overpayment.”

Lump Sum  appearances in Alyssa Allanis’s account  also raises issues of Tax Fraud as well as Welfare Fraud, if they were not reported. Again, this is not our opinion.

Reporting and Record Keeping

 “it is important that you make timely and accurate reports of all changes in circumstances that might possibly affect your eligibility. An overpayment may occur if you fail to report changes in your circumstances. Additionally, you may be disqualified and face fraud charges which could also subject you to criminal prosecution.”

What if, as the lawsuit alleges, Kelly Peterson gave Alyssa Allanis his legal services for sexual favors? Or, if he or someone else is paying to defend her in the RICO lawsuit? The law states, “Payments made to a third party for your benefit (such as someone paying a bill you owe);” is considered unearned income and if nor reported, is Welfare Fraud. In kind services also need to be reported on your Tax Return.


Report Alyssa Alanis, Kelly Peterson and Mark Stubbs by calling the Utah Welfare Fraud Hotline:

“To reach the fraud hotline where callers can leave anonymous information regarding possible incidents of fraud, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, call

(800) 955-2210.