Salt Lake City’s Lesbian Mayor Marries her Lover. The fact that Biskupski is gay was hid from Salt Lake City Voters by the Mitt Romney controlled Utah media until after the election

Mitt Romney IS Bain Capital and Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communication (Now iHeart Radio). Glenn Beck is the major voice of Romney’s Media Presence. Glenn Beck is Romney’s sock puppet. The voice might be Becks’s, but the message is 100% Mitt Romney.

“Glenn Beck spent most of today’s radio show calling upon Republicans to abandon Donald Trump in the wake of the announcement that the GOP presidential nominee has hired Breitbart’s Steve Bannon to serve as the campaign’s CEO.” (Source)

Romney is also the major political force in the Mormon Church, which explains why the Church owned media like the Deseret News and, also cower to Romney’s editorial will.

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are bent on destroying the Traditional American Family, and replacing it with a system of dysfunctional replacement parts.

“Since taking office, President Obama and his Administration have made historic strides to expand opportunities and advance equality and justice for all Americans, including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Americans. From major legislative achievements to historic court victories to important policy changes, the President has fought to promote the equal rights of all Americans.” (Source)

The only problem is, there is no such thing under the Constitution, which would require such nonsense. The Bill of Rights would literally need to be amended to make marriage a “Right.” That would require the support of vast majority of the people. Which means it would never happen.

Romney and Clinton work through deception. Proclaiming their loyalty for one thing, they stand for another. Mitt Romney is the Father of Gay Marriage:

“When the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued a decision in favor of homosexual marriage, — the Goodridge case — Romney unilaterally ordered his agencies to implement homosexual marriage in Massachusetts. The court did not order him to do this nor had the legislature codified this ruling. Combined with a promise by President Obama to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act, this action by Romney will lead to the spread of homosexual marriage nationwide.

Romney’s action was utterly illegal. In four different parts of the Massachusetts Constitution, it is clearly stated that only the legislature can change laws and one section specifically states that the marriage statutes are determined by the legislature, not the courts. Even the Supreme court itself stated that it could not order the legislature to act. All Romney had to do was to declare the court had no authority to enforce its unconstitutional opinion and ignore its decision.

But instead of doing that, Romney abruptly claimed the court opinion was now the law of the land and ordered his Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace to marry homosexuals — even though the legislature never acted to codify the ruling. Indeed, according to a Fox News/AP story, even the attorney for the homosexual plaintiffs in Goodridge, held the view that the legislature would have to codify the Goodridge ruling:” (Source)

Romneyites appear to have blackmailed Mormon Church into a series of compromises that seem to undermine the faith’s strong support for American families:

“With the backing of Mormon church leaders, the Republican-dominated Utah Legislature passed a bill on Wednesday night that would ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in housing and employment, while also protecting religious institutions that object to homosexuality.

The legislation, known as “the Utah compromise,” has been hailed by Mormon leaders and gay rights advocates as a breakthrough in balancing rights and religious freedom, and as a model for other conservative states. But leaders of some other churches oppose it, saying it would not sufficiently protect the rights of individuals who have religious objections to homosexuality.” (Source)

In Romneyesque style, the Church was forced into a position of compromise where none was needed. There were no pending discrimination lawsuits or Court Orders in place for such radical action. There were no cries of discrimination from Utah’s homosexual community. Utah is a pretty tolerant place. The move was sold as a pre-emptive strike against some future Bogeyman that might win a Court case.

Romneyites have plenty of leverage with the Mormon Church. Using their Allies in the Clinton State Department they could have shut down the Missionary Program of the Church by holding up Visa’s and Passports. The Church doesn’t need Mitt Romney’s money, so that is a less likely motive.

Like Romney, Glenn Beck is all mom’s apple pie and American flags. He wears his Mormon faith on his sleeve yet refuses to recognize the damage that Romney and Clinton have both done to American families through their radical agendas.

If Hillary Clinton wins, like her European radical allies abroad, she will force US Churches to perform Homosexual Marriages in their sanctuaries, churches, and Temples.  Those that fail to comply will be targeted by the government as hate groups and shut down.

Past behavior is the best indicator of future performance. This election will determine your family’s future and their rights to practice their religion free from Romney and Clinton’s interference.