By: T.J. Monson

Kelly Peterson (Pictured) and Alyssa Alanis are Being Sued for Racketeering.

“Perjury, the crime of lying under oath, is a serious offense because it can derail the basic goal of the justice system—discovering the truth. Even the famous and the powerful have faced the consequences of perjury, which include prosecution (Barry Bonds), prison (Marion Jones), and impeachment (Bill Clinton).” (CDL.com)

In his response to the RICO complaint against him and his client (who stands accused of the crime of prostitution – trading sex for legal fees), Kelly Peterson submitted the following to the Court:

“More Importantly, Perjury is not an Unlawful Act.” (Kelly Peterson)

Under the state’s RICO Act crimes are defined as,

zz) false or inconsistent material statements, Section 76-8-502;
(aaa) false or inconsistent statements, Section 76-8-503;
(bbb) written false statements, Section 76-8-504; (RICO ACT)
So, in essence, Kelly Peterson just lied under oath, IE: committed perjury. This is a crime that should be punished with fines and up to six months in jail. But, as other documents in the case have shown, Mr. Peterson doesn’t appear to have a problem with perjury.
Its a good thing, his co-defendant is now being taken to task for lying about her assault and the origin of her STD. A Motion was filed to hold her in Contempt of Court for making false statements under oath.
If people are going to rely on the Courts for Justice than the Courts have to enforce their own rules on telling the truth, regardless of whether the Attorney is friends with the Judge or Commissioner.
Otherwise, why bother to tell people to solve their problems in Court? The Guilty party will only lie his or her way out of it. Which is what people tend to do when they commit criminal actions.
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