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How Mormon Elite Sold Their Joseph Into Egypt


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Attached is the Affidavit submitted to us by one Paul Drockton. It appears that Mr. Drockton has endured over 15 years of horrible persecution so that his wealthy Mormon “Brethren” could extort Millions of Dollars from an Insurance Company at his expense.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Paul Drockton. I am 54 years old and currently live in the State of Utah. I solemnly declare that the following are facts that have been well documented throughout the internet and elsewhere.

  1. I was a decorated Agent and District Manager for Farmers Insurance.
  2. More than 10 of my fellow Mormons Came to me to complain about constant harassment from Farmers Insurance because of their religious beliefs.
  3. These individuals all worked as Insurance Agents for Farmers Insurance in the State of Utah
  4. I tried to correct the problem with Farmers Insurance by the Chief Persecutor was the son of a Company Founder.
  5. I endured multiple abuses at the company’s hands and took the matter to then Mormon Congressman, Chris Cannon.
  6. His assistant, one David Safavian, assured me that the Congressman would intervene on my agents and my behalf.
  7. Instead, Chris Cannon and his brother Joseph Cannon appeared to have extorted millions of dollars from Farmers Insurance and tried everything in their power to destroy my reputation in the Church and Community.
  8. I wrote a letter with documentation and sent it to every General Authority in the Mormon Church. None responded. I tried to call Thomas S Monson and was told he had no interest in talking with me.
  9. I finally filed a criminal complaint and a RICO lawsuit in Federal Court.
  10. The matter was never investigated by Utah Law Enforcement, the FBI or any other law enforcement agency, in spite of a mountain of evidence proving I was being victimized by these criminals.
  11. The Federal Judge sent me written permission to proceed with the lawsuit but I was hit by a car the day I filed my criminal complaint, which I believe was an attempt on my life. I suffered numerous injuries including a broken neck and multiple head injuries. I should have been killed.
  12. These criminals interfered with every business venture I entered into in an attempt to deprive me, my wife, and six children of any income. My health deteriorated until I had to flee Utah for Ohio for proper medical treatment and help from my family.
  13. After living in virtual poverty I was able to recover my health to some degree and earned money through various ventures. I then returned to Utah.
  14. I was initially harassed when I started my Gold and Silver business and one of Mitt Romney’s relatives stole over $30,000 from me in a joint business venture.
  15. My son married a young woman who later physically assaulted him, tried to kill him and was arrested, prosecuted and convicted for Domestic Violence and Violence ion front of a child.
  16. Her attorney, one Kelly Peterson, was able to conspire with a Commissioner Patton to deny my son his rights to full custody. I have since learned that Commissioner Patton was a Chief Officer for Joseph Cannon and Chris Cannon through Geneva Steel. His Biography has since been removed from the Court website.
  17. After continuous attempts at further damage to my son and my reputation I sued Kelly Peterson and his client (alleged mistress) under the Utah RICO statute.
  18. The judge who oversaw the case, JUDGE CHRISTINE S. JOHNSON, refused to enforce my rights to see how Kelly Peterson was being paid by his alleged mistress. I was denied my rights to discovery and subpoena.
  19. Judge Christine S Johnson also kept referring to Federal RICO law which states an entity only can be sued, instead of Utah RICO law, which states any individual can be sued for Racketeering.
  20. She then dismissed the case without prejudice and told me I could refile, but only through her.
  21. My sons ex-wife, who was being sued as Kelly Peterson’s alleged mistress was somehow able to pay over $100,000 in legal fees on an annual salary of an estimated $2500.
  22. Kelly Peterson never informed the Court he was representing her for free and never informed the welfare department of the fact. Thus, he stands accused of Welfare Fraud, Perjury, Suborning Perjury, Prostitution, Conspiracy etc. which I believe any Jury would have discovered had Judge Johnson permitted my case to go forward.
  23. I then notified the Utah Bar Association of numerous violations to Utah’s Code of Ethics. I am still waiting for them to address these with appropriate penalties, but considering the fact that I am opposed by Corrupt Judges, Politicians and Leaders within the Mormon Church I must conclude that no justice is forthcoming.  I am therefore forced to appeal directly to the people of Utah. Like Joseph Smith in Missouri, I am literally being persecuted because of my Mormon Faith and faith in Jesus Christ and for defending the Mormon Faith of my Brethren.


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