Hillary Rodham Clinton

By: J. R. Stone

Hillary Clinton came with big expectations. She came to win. Now it appears she could leave empty handed.  It all comes down to California and its winner take all, 475 candidates.

If Bernie wins in California he will have crossed 2,017 mark in the delegate count. Only 2,363 delegates are needed to win. It will also mean that Bernie has won more delegate votes from Democratic Voters than Hillary. Hillary has won 1769 delegate votes in the Primary so far.

Clinton is banking on the 541 committed Super Delegates to push her over the top. These are Party Leaders that could vote for her at the convention.

Either way, if Bernie wins California it changes the whole nature of this race by pitting the Democratic rank and file against the Party Leaders at the Convention.

The only solution is a compromise with Bernie Sander voters to give him the Vice-President spot on the ticket.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. We have seen stranger.