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Mormon Church Leaders Helped Create McMullin Candidacy to Elect Hillary Clinton

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With 10 Years Experience as a CIA Operative, and his clear support for Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin has undone generations of goodwill by the Mormon Church in countries like Russia.

Since the days of Bob Bennett, Watergate and Howard Hughes, Mormons have been accused of being used as a front by the Central Intelligence Agency. Now, that stereotype has a human face. Its name is Evan McMullin, the man forwarded by Mitt Romney and his associates to split the vote against Trump in largely Mormon communities across the Inter-mountain West.

To find Mitt Romney hiding behind the curtain, one need look no further than McMullin’s running mate, Mindy Finn, who ran Romney’s digital presidential campaign:

“NeverTrump PAC — which was started by Republican political strategist Patrick Ruffini and Mindy Finn, the director of digital strategy for Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign — had raised more than $150,000 as of March 31. Most of it came from eBay’s Omidyar, who FEC filings indicate donated $100,000.

One of McMullin’s top donors, The University of Utah, with strong ties to the powerful Eccles family, also gave $58,000 to Hillary Clinton. Marriner Eccles is known for saving the Federal Reserve Bank, trying to normalize relations with China while they were slaughtering tens of millions of their own people, the gold confiscation act, and establishing the World Bank and IMF. The IMF gives loans to nations and demands repayment in gold bullion.

The Eccles family are also the leading sponsors of Planned Parenthood in Utah.

Other Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton donors that also gave McMullin money can be found here.

Then there is the Mormon Church owned media, The Deseret News and, which ran interference for McMullin, grossly exaggerated his support base through inflated polls, and did everything they could to malign Trump and glorify Hillary Clinton.

A close relative of Evan McMullin actually runs all Church owned media through its parent company, Deseret Management Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Mormon Church. That man is Keith B McMullin:

Keith B. McMullin, CEO/President

“Keith B. McMullin
Keith Brigham McMullin is president and chief executive officer of Deseret Management Corporation. Prior to joining Deseret Management Corporation, Mr. McMullin served on the corporation’s board of directors. He was a general authority and member of the Presiding Bishopric of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1995 to 2012.  Prior to this, he served as managing director of the  Church’s Welfare Services activities. Mr. McMullin had earlier been with Ford Motor Company and several small businesses.  Mr. McMullin is a graduate of the University of Utah.” (Link)

Notice his connections to the University of Utah as well.

McMullin reports directly to the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, who have the ultimate say over the Deseret News and editorial policies. Why these Church leaders would actively work with Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and the Utah Eccles family to campaign against the will of those they serve should not be that great of a mystery.

They give millions of dollars in donations to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Money seems to be more important than principle to these men.

In-spite of their efforts, which appears to have included an orchestrated campaign to link Trump to White Supremacists in Utah and elsewhere, they failed.

Over 60% of Utah Mormons voted for Donald Trump.

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  1. Margo Watson

    This explains why Ksl radio hourly , daily, during all broadcast segment, by all broadcasters/hosts would find ways to undermine, scourge, demonize, mock…there aren’t enough adjectives….Trump. They rarely would say anything regarding Clinton . I was shocked how A media service could be so blatantly biased!! Trying to manipulate weak minded Mormons…me bring one…as if we cannot think for ourselves!! I’m a Mormon and voted for Trump for manyblegit reasons because at least his “sins” are not covertly hidden. I’m ashamed to be included on this article glumping “all mormons against Trump ” together. I have a Sticker on my cAr for all the world to see. Romney’s last minute call to the fold was spineless and embarrassing. How easy it is to be bought off, I guess. Embarrassing. Good luck having any influence in DC. Still a believer in Christ, not in this type of mindless politics, which by the way, back fired.

  2. Frank Overfelt

    No wonder Doug Wright had a daily snippet on his program called “As the Trump turns”. In fairness to Doug he did say he was not a supporter of Hillary’s, but he said he couldn’t support Trump either. The editorial calling for Trump to step down was also an indication of the lack of support for Trump. I must confess I was going to vote for Evan McMillin, but could see the handwriting, so changed to Trump to prevent Hillary. The Gospel is true even if the church stumbles along the way.

  3. Mabel Romick

    The Deseret News is so anti-Mormon it bothers me to think that it is Church-owned or even Church-related; especially regarding any of its opinions or manipulations. Contributions from Romney, most likely, are tithing and not political donations. The G.As of the church have always claimed to be a-political regarding persons or most issues that are unrelated to Gospel doctrine. Margo, I’m with you are this, although I don’t get KSL in California nor do I subscribe to the Deseret News.

  4. Kathy

    I was suspicious right from the beginning because McMullin came out of nowhere and rose to the top of our, so called accurate polls so quickly. His credentials, CIA, Goldman Sachs, and United Nations were all “Red Flags” for me. Hmmmmm? My thought was, “Follow The Money”. Now we know.

    One reason I did not consider voting for him because he was supported by people like Romney. As a Republican, turning his back on the “people’s choice” for the Presidential nominee fits the description in Helaman 7:5 – “….moreover to be held in office at the head of government, to rule and do according to their wills, that they might get gain and glory of the world…” I dare say, Romney and many others have not been listening to the people for a very long time as they impose their “will for gain and glory” as well as saving their “political hide”.

    I have to say, I was surprise when Trump became the Republican nominee. He was not was not my first choice. But, he got my final vote because I looked passed his personal issues to matters of greater concern… like the Supreme Court nominee, religious freedom, second amendment rights. At this point, we need to support this new administration with might prayer.

    As far as “Salt Lake” is concerned, I separated the gospel from the organization a long time ago. If the article is accurate, it is becoming more and more evident they are NOT one and the same.

  5. Wayne

    I am LDS, servedon a mission , voted for Trump as I am pro life. I have a strong testimony. Nevertheless….. any religious organization that involves itself in politics should not have tax free status.

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