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Why Global Elite Worship “Hamilton”


Alexander Hamilton is known as the champion of a strong Federal Government. His letters on the Constitution, published under the pseudonym “Publius”, were published in New York newspapers and helped sway the state of New York into embracing the new government.

But Hamilton had a dark side. His desire to consolidate power led to the creation of the First National Bank of the United States. History has shown that where there is a monopoly on economic power, there will also be a monopoly on political power.

The First National Bank was that economic monopoly. Even more dangerous, was the fact that the bank itself was privately owned and a “for profit” business for those that were wealthy enough to control its stock.  The US Government was only permitted to hold 20% ownership in the bank. Foreign entities could also own stock. Although they were denied voting rights, they would act through their American proxies, like Hamilton, to make sure their interests went forward.

Acting as the tax collection agent for the Federal Government, the bank further empowered itself to issue currency by leveraging the deposits placed on its books. The primary source of revenue for the Federal Government was taxes on imports, or tariffs. Thus the First National Bank dominated the new nation’s port cities and enriched itself using government tax revenues. These deposits were leveraged into debt instruments that generated unlimited wealth for the bank’s private owners/

The Central Bank existed primarily to profit a small group of Financial Elitists, whose interests were global in scope.

If Hamilton had proposed that 100% of the Bank stock were to be owned by the Federal Government, than only the people of the United States would have been the beneficiaries. and the bank would have led to 200+ years of American Prosperity.

The current Federal Reserve Bank is also privately owned and exists to increase the power of the .001 % of the population. This is Hamilton’s legacy. One that even he would be ashamed of were he alive today.


How Mormon Elite Sold Their Joseph Into Egypt


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Attached is the Affidavit submitted to us by one Paul Drockton. It appears that Mr. Drockton has endured over 15 years of horrible persecution so that his wealthy Mormon “Brethren” could extort Millions of Dollars from an Insurance Company at his expense.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Paul Drockton. I am 54 years old and currently live in the State of Utah. I solemnly declare that the following are facts that have been well documented throughout the internet and elsewhere.

  1. I was a decorated Agent and District Manager for Farmers Insurance.
  2. More than 10 of my fellow Mormons Came to me to complain about constant harassment from Farmers Insurance because of their religious beliefs.
  3. These individuals all worked as Insurance Agents for Farmers Insurance in the State of Utah
  4. I tried to correct the problem with Farmers Insurance by the Chief Persecutor was the son of a Company Founder.
  5. I endured multiple abuses at the company’s hands and took the matter to then Mormon Congressman, Chris Cannon.
  6. His assistant, one David Safavian, assured me that the Congressman would intervene on my agents and my behalf.
  7. Instead, Chris Cannon and his brother Joseph Cannon appeared to have extorted millions of dollars from Farmers Insurance and tried everything in their power to destroy my reputation in the Church and Community.
  8. I wrote a letter with documentation and sent it to every General Authority in the Mormon Church. None responded. I tried to call Thomas S Monson and was told he had no interest in talking with me.
  9. I finally filed a criminal complaint and a RICO lawsuit in Federal Court.
  10. The matter was never investigated by Utah Law Enforcement, the FBI or any other law enforcement agency, in spite of a mountain of evidence proving I was being victimized by these criminals.
  11. The Federal Judge sent me written permission to proceed with the lawsuit but I was hit by a car the day I filed my criminal complaint, which I believe was an attempt on my life. I suffered numerous injuries including a broken neck and multiple head injuries. I should have been killed.
  12. These criminals interfered with every business venture I entered into in an attempt to deprive me, my wife, and six children of any income. My health deteriorated until I had to flee Utah for Ohio for proper medical treatment and help from my family.
  13. After living in virtual poverty I was able to recover my health to some degree and earned money through various ventures. I then returned to Utah.
  14. I was initially harassed when I started my Gold and Silver business and one of Mitt Romney’s relatives stole over $30,000 from me in a joint business venture.
  15. My son married a young woman who later physically assaulted him, tried to kill him and was arrested, prosecuted and convicted for Domestic Violence and Violence ion front of a child.
  16. Her attorney, one Kelly Peterson, was able to conspire with a Commissioner Patton to deny my son his rights to full custody. I have since learned that Commissioner Patton was a Chief Officer for Joseph Cannon and Chris Cannon through Geneva Steel. His Biography has since been removed from the Court website.
  17. After continuous attempts at further damage to my son and my reputation I sued Kelly Peterson and his client (alleged mistress) under the Utah RICO statute.
  18. The judge who oversaw the case, JUDGE CHRISTINE S. JOHNSON, refused to enforce my rights to see how Kelly Peterson was being paid by his alleged mistress. I was denied my rights to discovery and subpoena.
  19. Judge Christine S Johnson also kept referring to Federal RICO law which states an entity only can be sued, instead of Utah RICO law, which states any individual can be sued for Racketeering.
  20. She then dismissed the case without prejudice and told me I could refile, but only through her.
  21. My sons ex-wife, who was being sued as Kelly Peterson’s alleged mistress was somehow able to pay over $100,000 in legal fees on an annual salary of an estimated $2500.
  22. Kelly Peterson never informed the Court he was representing her for free and never informed the welfare department of the fact. Thus, he stands accused of Welfare Fraud, Perjury, Suborning Perjury, Prostitution, Conspiracy etc. which I believe any Jury would have discovered had Judge Johnson permitted my case to go forward.
  23. I then notified the Utah Bar Association of numerous violations to Utah’s Code of Ethics. I am still waiting for them to address these with appropriate penalties, but considering the fact that I am opposed by Corrupt Judges, Politicians and Leaders within the Mormon Church I must conclude that no justice is forthcoming.  I am therefore forced to appeal directly to the people of Utah. Like Joseph Smith in Missouri, I am literally being persecuted because of my Mormon Faith and faith in Jesus Christ and for defending the Mormon Faith of my Brethren.
Romney and Bill Clinton

Utah’s Mitt Romney Problem is Dangerous to Mormon Church

Utah’s infatuation with Mitt Romney is political suicide. Romney seems committed to undermining the only legally elected Republican Candidate for President. His alleged influence over the Mormon Church owned newspaper, Deseret News, and, the state’s most frequented website, is appalling.

Who is the real Mitt Romney?


  • “On a questionnaire Planned Parenthood gave to the gubernatorial candidates in 2002, Romney answered ”yes” to the question, ‘Do you support the substance of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade?’ Romney also professed support for state funding of abortion services for low-income women, [Erin] Rowland [spokeswoman for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts] said.”
    – Boston Globe, 3/25/2005
  • “Marie Sturgis, legislative director of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, said she hasn’t detected any change in Romney’s stance. The group considers Romney to be an abortion-rights supporter, as do national antiabortion groups such as the Family Research Council.”
    – Boston Globe, 3/25/2005 (Source)

Contrast this with the Mormon Church’s official stance on abortion:

“Human life is a sacred gift from God. Elective abortion for personal or social convenience is contrary to the will and the commandments of God. Church members who submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortions may lose their membership in the Church.” (Source)

It gets worse…

    • In February 2005, The American Spectator observed of Romney, “He is pro-choice and, aside from the marriage debate, generally in agreement with gay-rights advocates.”
      – American Spectator, 2/23/2005
    • In March, 2005, Boston’s leading homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows, told its readers that Romney’s pro-gay record belies his new-found “conservatism”:

“Governor Romney has been touring the country in the past few weeks, courting anti-gay right-wingers in South Carolina, Missouri, and Utah with speeches designed to show that he is firmly in their camp. Yet a look at Romney’s record shows that his Rick Santorum drag act is a relatively new phenomenon.
– Bay Windows, 3/3/2005

Both times Romney ran for public office – in 1994 running for US Senate against Ted Kennedy and in 2002 running for Governor of Massachusetts – he sought and received the formal endorsement of the Log Cabin Republican (LCR) Club PAC. This is the same group that in 2004 spent $1 million nationally in key swing states on TV ads that attacked President Bush for supporting a federal Marriage Protection Amendment.

The Mormon Church is one of the last doctrinal bastions for traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affirms the centrality of doctrines relating to human sexuality and gender as well as the sanctity and significance of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.” (Source)

The Mormon Church would do well to distance itself from Mitt Romney and declare its political independence from the control he and his ilk have over the Utah media.

The LDS Church is likely worth $40 billion today and collects up to $8 billion in tithing each year.

In 2010, Romney and his wife totaled $21.6 million in income and paid slightly more than $3 million in federal income taxes. That also means they paid $2.1 million in tithing to the Mormon Church. A drop in the bucket.

If Donald Trump wins, and the Mormon Church continues its Romney alliance, they stand to lose any influence in a Trump administration. IT could also jeopardize the Church’s goodwill in Washington which it relies on for its Global Missionary Program.

Romney is a bigger threat to the Mormon Church and its objectives than anything else on the planet. He should be ignored, not encouraged. No matter how much money he brings to the table.

He just isn’t worth it Utah.



Clinton’s Traded $2 Billion for 5 Million U.S. Jobs

“More than 5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost between 1997 and 2014. Most of those job losses were due to growing trade deficits with countries that have negotiated trade and investment deals with the United States.”

20,000 American Jobs were Exported by General Motors AFTER Taxpayers lost 12 Billion Dollars in Bailout

Between 1993 (before NAFTA took effect) and 2013, the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico and Canada increased from $17.0 billion to $177.2 billion, displacing more than 850,000 U.S. jobs. Growing trade deficits and job displacement, especially between the United States and Mexico, were the result of a surge in outsourcing of production by U.S. and other foreign investors. The rise in outsourcing was fueled, in turn, by a surge in foreign direct investment (FDI) into Mexico, which increased by more than 150 percent in the post-NAFTA period.

KORUS took effect in March 2012. Between 2011 and 2014, U.S. exports to Korea increased by about $1 billion, but imports have increased by $13 billion, so the trade deficit has increased by nearly $12 billion. This growing trade deficit with Korea has cost more than 75,000 U.S. jobs.

Then there is China, until now a part of the biggest trade and investment deal of all. In 2000, President Bill Clinton claimed that the agreement then being negotiated to allow China into the World Trade Organization (WTO) would create “a win-win result for both countries.” Exports to China “now support hundreds of thousands of American jobs,” and these figures “can grow substantially with the new access to the Chinese market the WTO agreement creates,” he said.

Between 2001, when China came into the WTO, and 2013 the U.S. trade deficit with China increased $240 billion. These growing trade deficits eliminated 3.2 million U.S. jobs. China became the third largest recipient of FDI in the world, which fueled the growth of thousands of new manufacturing plants that generated exports to the United States and other markets.” (Source)

During that same time period the top .01% grew their wealth by over 400% and Hillary Clinton, along with her husband Bill, grew their foundation from less than 100 million dollars to over 1 billion dollars!

Donations to the Clinton Foundation  included the South Korean energy and chemicals conglomerate Hanwha, which paid $500,000 to $1,000,000 for a speech by Bill Clinton….. China Real Estate Development Corp. paid the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 for a speech by the former president….China Real Estate Development Corp. paid the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 for a speech by the former president…

5 million jobs in exchange for $2 billion dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Looks like a good deal for Globalist Billionaires. Not so good for the American People.

How Hillary Clinton Killed US Manufacturing Jobs

“Donald Trump on Tuesday tied together the policies of President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, in an attack on trade policies.

In a speech near Pittsburgh, Trump said the loss of manufacturing jobs has come due to the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

“It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA in 1993, and Hillary Clinton who supported it,” according to a text of Trump’s prepared remarks. “It was also Bill Clinton who lobbied for China’s disastrous entry into the World Trade Organization, and Hillary Clinton who backed that terrible agreement.”

Trump also criticized Hillary Clinton as standing by as China “cheated” on its currency and stole intellectual property. She also signed a “job-killing” free-trade deal with South Korea, Trump said.

He further said Clinton would make a “small token change” to the Trans Pacific Partnership and then ram it through approval. Clinton has said she doesn’t support the TPP — which as President Obama’s secretary of state, she helped to negotiate — in its current form.

The Senate has yet to ratify the TPP, though both the House and the Senate passed the fast-track legislation that traditionally presages passage.

Trump says, if elected, he would withdraw the U.S. from the TPP, as well as renegotiate NAFTA. And if he is not able to renegotiate NAFTA, Trump says he’d withdraw from it.”

Trump is Ross Perot on steroids. Hillary is a Bush hybrid, bent on destroying the American Dream in favor of the world’s wealthiest oligarchs. The Clinton Foundation is her political and financial pay-off, with much its wealth coming from those that have plundered these United States.

“Wealth inequality in the US is at near record levels according to a new study by academics. Over the past three decades, the share of household wealth owned by the top 0.1% has increased from 7% to 22%. For the bottom 90% of families, a combination of rising debt, the collapse of the value of their assets during the financial crisis, and stagnant real wages have led to the erosion of wealth.”

Clinton campaigns for the poor, while picking their pockets clean through policies that have exported their jobs to increase corporate profits. Hillary Clinton is playing whats left of the Democratic Party for a sucker.

AXXA Global: The Dirty Underbelly of the MLM Industry

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The MLM Industry is a Global Business generating over $250 Billion Dollars. Like most industries, its started like the Wild West where wild claims were made and wild promises were broken. The United States Government intervened in the US market place and regulators were able to effectively clean up the industry in North America and Europe. As a result, great distributors proudly let their customers know that their products are made in America.

Not so much overseas and in parts of Asia. One glaring example is AXXA Global, which, if the evidence is true, would have been banned for their manufacturing processes alone in the US market. This picture was posted on Social Media by an AXXA insider.


A closer look at the food being manufactured will show rust, grease and what could very well be animal droppings. Perhaps AXXA could send bigger and clearer pictures of its manufacturing process . Their CEO, Danny Pang, when confronted with the above picture, changed the story. He then claimed that his company’s products were manufactured in the U.S.

He even hastily posted this document, which looks photo-shopped, all over Social Media.


When contacted, the US manufacturing facility he claimed was manufacturing their products stated they had never heard of Axxa Global, and were not manufacturing any products for their company. Danny Pang, btw, was sued by his own downline in one of his previous MLM excursions.

Even more disturbing is the partnership announced by AXXA Global and a company called Botanic Oil Innovations. The FDA inspected their US Facility and declared it unsafe. In a letter to the company, the FDA stated:

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an inspection of your facility, located at 1540 S. River Street, Spooner, WI, on April 26-28, 2011.  During the inspection, our investigators found a number of serious violations of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations for dietary supplements, Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 111. These violations cause your dietary supplement products to be adulterated within the meaning of section 402(g)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. § 342(g)(1)] in that the dietary supplements have been prepared, packed, or held under conditions that do not meet CGMP regulations for dietary supplements.”

Adulterated means their were things in their products that should not have been in there. The FDA cited 8 reasons why their manufacturing was below standard.

Our recommendation is to avoid AXXA Products until the time they can certify the following:

  1. A Clean and Sterile Manufacturing Facility located within the United States that is also properly certified.
  2. A Brunswick Labs Certification on all their products certifying them as safe for human consumption and Gold Standard certification that certifies their products will not be adulterated in the future.
  3. The resignation of Danny Pang as CEO and a reputable CEO with US industry certification and experience.
  4. Full disclosure on their assets and liabilities to show they will be around in the next year and are not a Ponzi Scheme.
  5. Full Disclosure on their Compensation Plan to show that they are not a Ponzi scheme.

If you want to join an MLM, make sure their products are safe. Best practices are followed in the United States, and that is where most safe supplements are manufactured. Otherwise, your company might be shut down by lawsuits from the damage their product could potentially cause.

We invite responses to this article in the comments section, and of course, AXXA is free to reply as well. We will, however, verify all claims and report our findings.

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Mentally Ill Seductress that will bring down two lawyers?

When Bad Girls Get RICO. The Alyssa Alanis Mystique

Alyssa Alanis

By: T.J Monson


Utah is known as a family friendly state. Utah County, on the other hand, has a reputation for its lawyers and judges conspiring behind closed doors to come up with decisions that can only leave one scratching his or her head. Such is the case of Alyssa Alanis.

The welfare recipient, who is also the mother of three different children, from three different fathers, has all the physical traits for which many Mormon women are known for. Sweet mannered, soft-spoken, and physically attractive.

This is why it came as no small shock to Spanish Fork police when they were called out for a domestic assault in October of 2014. The small, 100 plus pound wet, Alanis, had just tried to kill her husband without any verifiable provocation.

The police report stated she had no visible, or invisible injuries. She had however, tried to choke her husband to death, hit him over the head with a wooden stool, and beat him repeatedly with a curtain rod. She was arrested.

After entering a plea of “No Contest”, Miss Alanis was subsequently prosecuted and convicted of Assault and Domestic Violence and placed on probation.  Her then husband was granted a Protective Order and Full Custody of their sole child.

Enter one Kelly Peterson.

In June, 2013 Kelly Peterson was contracted by both Alyssa and her then husband (who she later assaulted) to represent them in a custody matter involving another child. Her husband submitted a $1500 retainer.

Then things got weird. Instead of a child custody matter, Alyssa appears to have used the retainer paid by her then husband to file for divorce against him, using Kelly Peterson as her Attorney.  A clear conflict and ethics violation. Instead of refunding the retainer, Peterson kept it.

According to the current RICO filing, her now ex-husband believes that Kelly Peterson and Alyssa Alanis entered into a sexual relationship, and that Peterson allegedly exchanged legal work for sex. No billing records have been submitted to the Court to invalidate these claims. Instead, Alanis filed a rambling response claiming, “I am not a prostitute”.

In addition to the above, Miss Alanis accused her ex-husband of giving her an STD, which her mother claimed was Herpes. Her ex-husband was tested and found to be STD and Herpes free. Her ex also claims that Alyssa put their then unborn child at risk from the disease.

During the divorce proceedings, Alyssa claimed first that Spanish Fork city dropped all charges. In-spite of a police report and Court documents showing she was guilty of the assault, the Commissioner ruled to reverse custody of their mutual child. Alyssa was granted full custody and her ex, who had not been convicted of Assault or Domestic Violence, was given state minimum visitation.

It is reported in the Court filings that the victim had to go through three attorneys just to get that far.

Meanwhile, Miss Alanis was able to somehow afford a reported $300 an hour attorney, while she claimed to be indigent (broke) under oath, and unable to afford an attorney in her criminal case. Some might construe this as fraud. In, Utah, it is a crime. This was reportedly pointed out to the Spanish Fork Prosecutor who has yet to level any charges in the interests of the City’s taxpayers.

Are you scratching your head yet?




Cavs vs. Warriors. Look at the Numbers.

By. E.Z. Money

In 2015 the Cavs took the Warriors through 6 games of brutality. As the table below shows, the Cavs lost the series by only 17 total points. Far from a blow-out, more like a squeeker.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6
Last Year the Cavs didn’t have a healthy Kyrie Irving, who averaged 23 points per game in last years battle against the Warriors, while struggling with injuries. He was unable to finish the series. Kevin Love averaged about 12 points per game against the Warriors in the regular season. However, he can spread the floor and opens up more scoring opportunities with his excellent rebounding.

Lebron James was the leading scorer last year with over 35 points per game. In the past, James has been reluctant to penetrate and can be frustrated into shooting low percentage shots from the outside. This was a major factor when he was the only major shooter on the floor in last year’s playoffs.

Now, the Warriors have at least three major scoring threats on the floor, and the Cavs are a legitimate 3 point threat having averaged 33.2 shots per game in this years playoffs.

What it boils down to is whether James will commit himself inside the paint and risk taking some hard fouls when he takes it to the hole. You cant win this series without dominating in the paint.

If James blinks, the Cavs will lose. If not, this will be the first Championship Cleveland has had in decades.




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