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Mentally Ill Seductress that will bring down two lawyers?

When Bad Girls Get RICO. The Alyssa Alanis Mystique

Alyssa Alanis

By: T.J Monson


Utah is known as a family friendly state. Utah County, on the other hand, has a reputation for its lawyers and judges conspiring behind closed doors to come up with decisions that can only leave one scratching his or her head. Such is the case of Alyssa Alanis.

The welfare recipient, who is also the mother of three different children, from three different fathers, has all the physical traits for which many Mormon women are known for. Sweet mannered, soft-spoken, and physically attractive.

This is why it came as no small shock to Spanish Fork police when they were called out for a domestic assault in October of 2014. The small, 100 plus pound wet, Alanis, had just tried to kill her husband without any verifiable provocation.

The police report stated she had no visible, or invisible injuries. She had however, tried to choke her husband to death, hit him over the head with a wooden stool, and beat him repeatedly with a curtain rod. She was arrested.

After entering a plea of “No Contest”, Miss Alanis was subsequently prosecuted and convicted of Assault and Domestic Violence and placed on probation.  Her then husband was granted a Protective Order and Full Custody of their sole child.

Enter one Kelly Peterson.

In June, 2013 Kelly Peterson was contracted by both Alyssa and her then husband (who she later assaulted) to represent them in a custody matter involving another child. Her husband submitted a $1500 retainer.

Then things got weird. Instead of a child custody matter, Alyssa appears to have used the retainer paid by her then husband to file for divorce against him, using Kelly Peterson as her Attorney.  A clear conflict and ethics violation. Instead of refunding the retainer, Peterson kept it.

According to the current RICO filing, her now ex-husband believes that Kelly Peterson and Alyssa Alanis entered into a sexual relationship, and that Peterson allegedly exchanged legal work for sex. No billing records have been submitted to the Court to invalidate these claims. Instead, Alanis filed a rambling response claiming, “I am not a prostitute”.

In addition to the above, Miss Alanis accused her ex-husband of giving her an STD, which her mother claimed was Herpes. Her ex-husband was tested and found to be STD and Herpes free. Her ex also claims that Alyssa put their then unborn child at risk from the disease.

During the divorce proceedings, Alyssa claimed first that Spanish Fork city dropped all charges. In-spite of a police report and Court documents showing she was guilty of the assault, the Commissioner ruled to reverse custody of their mutual child. Alyssa was granted full custody and her ex, who had not been convicted of Assault or Domestic Violence, was given state minimum visitation.

It is reported in the Court filings that the victim had to go through three attorneys just to get that far.

Meanwhile, Miss Alanis was able to somehow afford a reported $300 an hour attorney, while she claimed to be indigent (broke) under oath, and unable to afford an attorney in her criminal case. Some might construe this as fraud. In, Utah, it is a crime. This was reportedly pointed out to the Spanish Fork Prosecutor who has yet to level any charges in the interests of the City’s taxpayers.

Are you scratching your head yet?





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