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When Mormon Attorney and BYU graduate Kelly Peterson couldn’t produce any documentation showing he had charged his young attractive client for attorney fees in her multiple divorce and child custody hearings, her victims attempted to force normal discovery for billing records from BYU graduate and current Commissioner Thomas Patton. Patton was the presiding official and the request was considered routine in any Court proceeding.

Peterson and Alanis’s victims were mystified at how a Welfare recipient could afford a $300 per hour attorney without any visible source of justifiable income. Even more mystifying was how Alanis, who was prosecuted and convicted for Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence in the presence of children, was able to gain full custody with her criminal record.

The victims alleged in a RICO lawsuit that Peterson and Alanis were involved in a sex for attorney fees scandal. Again simple discovery would have proven their point, or cleared the suspects.

Enter BYU graduate JUDGE CHRISTINE S. JOHNSON, who refused to permit discovery and force Peterson and Alanis to turn over evidence of payment for her legal fees. Instead, claiming that the defendants were not in harmony with Federal RICO statute, which only allows an entity to be sued. Utah’s RICO statute allows individuals to be sued. Why a State Law would be confused with a Federal Statute by a State Judge remains another mystery.

Johnson denied Defendants basic rights of discovery and again protected Alanis and Peterson from disclosing her legal fee payments.

Adding more insult to injury, incompetent BYU Graduate and attorney Mark Stubbs, who failed to win a lawsuit for Miss Utah against the City of Provo by not paying a filing fee, just submitted a bill to Johnson for $11,000 in legal fees allegedly paid by Ms. Alanis to defend her in the RICO lawsuit. Stubbs wants her victims to pay fees in a case with no judgement and that was dismissed without prejudice.

More harassment and more retaliation under RICO. Stubbs and Peterson should be disbarred and prosecuted for Welfare Fraud. The sexual allegations should have already been investigated by Utah County Detectives. The Judges should be investigated by the State Attorney General and the FBI.

But, welcome to Utah County, where a BYU Law Degree entitles you to a free pass from any criminal investigations whatsoever.

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