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Month: September 2016


The United States Doesn’t Need “Free Trade”

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As the above chart shows, the United States has the largest consumer market in the world.  Yet, as the chart below shows, China is the world’s largest manufacturer.

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Of Course, the only beneficiaries are the Globalist Corporations who profit from no US trade barriers and low wages overseas.

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It all comes down exploitation of desperate people willing to take much less money to work in a factory.

Image result for US wages vs china, india and mexico

And we getting nothing of value in return.

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Not even cheaper retail prices..

Image result for Inflation in the last 20 years

So. What is this election really about?

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The True Cost of Illegal Immigration to US Citizens

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The Bankers and Global Corporations trying to merge all nations into a global superstate can’t lose with illegal immigration in the United States, which is why politicians have done nothing to stop it.

Central Banks make money by funding the giveaways to illegals through manufacturing debt. Global corporations benefit by hiring much cheaper illegal immigrants to work in their US based sweat shops.

Its a win-win.

As the above map demonstrates, the US citizen is the one that carries the load. The myth that illegal immigrants do only those jobs that Americans don’t want to do is exactly that, a myth. As the chart below shows, they are taking away high paying jobs from U.S. citizens.

Image result for Illegal immigrants jobs

NAFTA has only aggravated the problem by moving 55,000 American factories overseas and laying off an estimated 30% of the US workforce.

Its a double whammy. Send American jobs overseas, and import low wage workers into the United States. No country can survive such in this situation.

To aggravate matters, “More than half of households headed by immigrants in the county illegally, or 62 percent, received welfare benefits in 2012, according to a report released by the Center for Immigration Studies.”

As the map above demonstrates, Welfare benefits for non-American citizens is in the billions of dollars. More money for the Central Banks. Cheap labor for the Globalist Corporations, and more debt for the American people.

The Globalist media tries to obfuscate these facts with cries of racism. The truth of the matter is that it is a critical question that is serious enough to destroy what is left of America.

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