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Kelly Peterson, Utah Lawyer, Faces Racketeering Lawsuit

Kelly Peterson is being sued under the "Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations" Law

Kelly Peterson-Utah Attorney

Article Submitted by: T. J. Monson


When one thinks of R.I.C.O, the Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations Act, the mind usually conjures images of Al Capone like gangsters taking the 5th to avoid “sleeping with the fishes.” Not a small town Utah divorce attorney.

Kelly Peterson, however, seems to want to keep this lawsuit out of the limelight. He filed a motion on the case, currently in the 4th Utah District Court, to seal all the case files. This has caused many to speculate that Mr. Peterson is afraid of what might actually come out when this case goes to trial. Sealing a case is an extraordinary measure rarely used except when information can be damaging to the public interest.

So what, exactly, is Mr. Peterson afraid of?

It seems that Kelly Peterson, along with his client, one Alyssa Alanis are accused of using his privileged position to enter into a sexual relationship with Miss Alanis in exchange for representing her in custody and divorce matters.

Legal representation for sex hardly seems to rise to the level of racketeering. Unless of course, that sex was exchanged for money or something else of value. Then it becomes prostitution. Prostitution is definitely a R.I.C.O. violation.

As Nixon learned, its not the crime itself that will destroy you, its the cover-up. So, again under R.I.C.O, it is the conspiracy to cover up the crime that makes it even more sinister.

The complaint also alleges that Mr. Peterson gave Miss Alanis an STD. That STD is herpes. The complaint states that Mr. Peterson has the disease as evidenced by cold sores on his facial area. It also alleges that Miss Alanis tried to blame the complainant for the STD, but he tested negative for Herpes.

The Complainant also stated that Kelly Peterson and Alyssa Alanis placed his unborn child in jeopardy of contracting the STD, for which their is no known cure.

Miss Alanis, who claimed to be destitute when she was prosecuted by Spanish Fork, Utah for Assault and Domestic Violence (she pled no contest) relied on a public defender paid for by the taxpayers. While her case made its way through the criminal system, somehow she managed to maintain the services of Kelly Peterson, an attorney that charges between $250-$300 per hour.

More will be reported on this case as information becomes available.

Case #160400590

Filed in Utah 4th District Court

Judge David Mortensen

Hillary Could Lose It All!


Hillary Rodham Clinton

By: J. R. Stone

Hillary Clinton came with big expectations. She came to win. Now it appears she could leave empty handed.  It all comes down to California and its winner take all, 475 candidates.

If Bernie wins in California he will have crossed 2,017 mark in the delegate count. Only 2,363 delegates are needed to win. It will also mean that Bernie has won more delegate votes from Democratic Voters than Hillary. Hillary has won 1769 delegate votes in the Primary so far.

Clinton is banking on the 541 committed Super Delegates to push her over the top. These are Party Leaders that could vote for her at the convention.

Either way, if Bernie wins California it changes the whole nature of this race by pitting the Democratic rank and file against the Party Leaders at the Convention.

The only solution is a compromise with Bernie Sander voters to give him the Vice-President spot on the ticket.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. We have seen stranger.

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