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Beware of Gay Muslims with Guns

BY: Red Herrin

(This is a work of Satire. That means it makes fun of people. Just so you know)

Joint Press Conference: Senator Hillary Fearmonger and Donald Buildawall

(Media X-Fill in the blank) “Senator Fearmonger, in light of the fact that the Muslim Terrorist was a Homosexual, we in the media demand to know what you are doing to protect the American Public!”

(Sen Fearmonger) “Well, the American Public needs to know that I am pushing for a ban on all weapons, including paper clips and rubber bands, just in case one of them should fall in the hands of a Gay Muslim Terrorist.”

(Media X) “Mr. Buildawall, will that be enough?”

(Mr Buidawall): “No, that is a stupid thing to say. My moronic opponent just doesn’t get it. We need higher restroom walls with barbwire and guard dogs. Any idiot can see that!”

(Sen Fearmonger): “We all agree that more needs to be done to raise the fear level of the American public so that they will realize that it takes a village to defend an idiot. Remember, government issued guns don’t kill people, only privately owned guns kill people. So, if you see something, say something.”

Meanwhile, at the Homeland Security Hotline:

(Fearful Caller #1)  “Hello, I think I see something.

(HS Operator) “And would you like to say something?

(Fearful Caller #1): “I am sitting at the bus stop and I think I see a Gay Muslim Terrorist.”

(HS Operator) “OK, don’t panic, does he have a Koran?”

(Fearful Caller #1) “Yes! I think I see a Koran!”

(HS Operator) “Ha ha! No worries my friend, homosexuality is against the Koran!”

(Fearful Caller #1) “Really? Phew! Thanks!”

(HS Operator) “Is their anything else I can make you afraid of today sir?”

(Fearful Caller #1) “No, I am good, I think I see my shadow.”

(HS Operator) ” OK, have a good day sir, and remember, if you are not afraid of something, you really don’t need us. So, stay fearful, OK?”

(Fearful Caller #1) “I will do my best! Thank God for TV and Hollywood! I don’t know how I would live in fear without them!”

(HS Operator) ” I will let them know they are appreciated. Just remember, if the Gay Moslem Terrorists don’t get you, Global Warming, Zika, Carjackers, and Christian Fundamentalists will! Have a distraction filled day sir!”

Beware of Gay Muslim Terrorists with Guns!



Is AXXA Global Putting Your Credit Data at Risk?


In response to our investigative journalism on Axxa Global and its seemingly abhorrent manufacturing conditions we expected them to send over the photos we requested to dispute the items in the article.

Instead, their shady response was an email sent out to their distributors that rambled on about things that left us mostly confused. To add to that confusion their CEO claimed he cannot contact us. We are confused because we have a Contact Link, fully functional, at the top of our website.

Their website at on the other hand, lets the user know that it is not a very safe place to be. We received a warning that the site was not secure and neither was our information.

So, it appears that not only does AXXA have substandard manufacturing, but they are also putting people’s credit card information at risk from hackers. Considering what happened to Do Terra’s database, this is a very real threat to your personal information.

Caveat Emptor  (Buyer Beware)

Danny Pang owes all of us an explanation and pictures of his current manufacturing facility with his products clearly labelled. After which, he needs to resign and crawl back under whatever rock he crawled out from.

Send pictures Danny Pang, not excuses. We will be more than happy to publish them


AXXA Global: The Dirty Underbelly of the MLM Industry

Clinton and Trump both Need to “Dish the Dirt”

By J.R. Stone


Donald Trump took 13.3 million votes in the Republican Primary. Hillary Clinton won 15,729,913. While Trump exceeded George Bush’s Primary victory by almost 3 million votes, and set a new record in an extremely hostile and crowded field, Hillary lost almost 5 million votes from 2008, when she had the support of over 18 million Democrats who voted in that Primary . In 2008 she also ran against Barack Obama, a much more charismatic candidate than Bernie Sanders.

Now lets look at the total turnout. The Democrats had 27.7 million voters turn out for their primary. The Republicans had over 28.5 million voters turn out.

According to recent polls, Clinton loses 20% of the Sanders people to Donald Trump. Another 10% will just stay home.  That’s a loss of 3.59 million Democrats in the General Election for Hillary.

Clinton also posts higher negatives among likely voters in the Fall. She has a 61% negative rating versus his 56%. His negatives are falling, hers are going up.

The real question comes back to who can motivate their base. Hillary will have to move hard left to bring Bernie supporters out in the Fall. This will alienate Republican and Independents. Trump can move more to the middle and attract more Democrats and Independents.

The key for both is to drive up the negative opinion the public has about their opponent. This will lead to probably the most negative campaign in US history. Because most voters view Trump as an outsider, they will want him to dish the dirt on Hillary, who most view as a Washington insider.

Hillary, on the other hand, will be forced to use outside PACS to attack Trump and play on her femininty. In other words, she will be forced to portray herself as a helpless victim, not a role she is comfortable playing.

The other wild card is the Vice President spot. If Hillary picks Sanders as a running mate, it solidifies her party but alienates Republicans and Independents. If Trump picks Kasich, he solidifies his base and unites with the Republican establishment. Plus, he wins Ohio, a key state in the General Election.

Hillary, on the other hand, gains nothing with a Conservative or Moderate running mate. She has to dominate the ticket.

Again, she needs to drive up Trump’s negatives and hope he doesn’t drive up hers. Expect the attacks to grow more frequent and Partisans to grow more militant. Social media will be the primary battleground, and most will stand back and let both sides duke it out.



AXXA Global: The Dirty Underbelly of the MLM Industry

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The MLM Industry is a Global Business generating over $250 Billion Dollars. Like most industries, its started like the Wild West where wild claims were made and wild promises were broken. The United States Government intervened in the US market place and regulators were able to effectively clean up the industry in North America and Europe. As a result, great distributors proudly let their customers know that their products are made in America.

Not so much overseas and in parts of Asia. One glaring example is AXXA Global, which, if the evidence is true, would have been banned for their manufacturing processes alone in the US market. This picture was posted on Social Media by an AXXA insider.


A closer look at the food being manufactured will show rust, grease and what could very well be animal droppings. Perhaps AXXA could send bigger and clearer pictures of its manufacturing process . Their CEO, Danny Pang, when confronted with the above picture, changed the story. He then claimed that his company’s products were manufactured in the U.S.

He even hastily posted this document, which looks photo-shopped, all over Social Media.


When contacted, the US manufacturing facility he claimed was manufacturing their products stated they had never heard of Axxa Global, and were not manufacturing any products for their company. Danny Pang, btw, was sued by his own downline in one of his previous MLM excursions.

Even more disturbing is the partnership announced by AXXA Global and a company called Botanic Oil Innovations. The FDA inspected their US Facility and declared it unsafe. In a letter to the company, the FDA stated:

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an inspection of your facility, located at 1540 S. River Street, Spooner, WI, on April 26-28, 2011.  During the inspection, our investigators found a number of serious violations of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations for dietary supplements, Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 111. These violations cause your dietary supplement products to be adulterated within the meaning of section 402(g)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. § 342(g)(1)] in that the dietary supplements have been prepared, packed, or held under conditions that do not meet CGMP regulations for dietary supplements.”

Adulterated means their were things in their products that should not have been in there. The FDA cited 8 reasons why their manufacturing was below standard.

Our recommendation is to avoid AXXA Products until the time they can certify the following:

  1. A Clean and Sterile Manufacturing Facility located within the United States that is also properly certified.
  2. A Brunswick Labs Certification on all their products certifying them as safe for human consumption and Gold Standard certification that certifies their products will not be adulterated in the future.
  3. The resignation of Danny Pang as CEO and a reputable CEO with US industry certification and experience.
  4. Full disclosure on their assets and liabilities to show they will be around in the next year and are not a Ponzi Scheme.
  5. Full Disclosure on their Compensation Plan to show that they are not a Ponzi scheme.

If you want to join an MLM, make sure their products are safe. Best practices are followed in the United States, and that is where most safe supplements are manufactured. Otherwise, your company might be shut down by lawsuits from the damage their product could potentially cause.

We invite responses to this article in the comments section, and of course, AXXA is free to reply as well. We will, however, verify all claims and report our findings.

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Utah County Justice? Man Violates Protective Order 38 Times!

“An Orem man with no fixed address was arrested Saturday for reportedly violating a protective order against him 38 times….

Orem police arrested Casey Aaron Smith, 43, after the woman who had sought the protective order called police about the purported contacts, according to police reports.” (SEE FULL ARTICLE)


According to the victim of yet another perp, in yet a different case, who is also advocating for other victims… on 6/10/16:

“Casey Smith was just Bailed out of jail….$5,345 bondable
Is that all that the victims life is worth?
Utah County DA I have a few questions…
Did you ensure that the victim has a safety plan?
Have you alerted the local police so they can be aware?
I will do my best to alert the community to your actions”

This is the law :

77-36-2.4 Violation of protective orders — Mandatory arrest.

(1) A law enforcement officer shall, without a warrant, arrest an alleged perpetrator whenever there is probable cause to believe that the alleged perpetrator has violated any of the provisions of an ex parte protective order or protective order.

(2)(a) Intentional or knowing violation of any ex parte protective order or protective order is a class A misdemeanor, in accordance with Section 76-5-108, except where a greater penalty is provided in this chapter, and is a domestic violence offense, pursuant to Section 77-36-1.

(b) Second or subsequent violations of ex parte protective orders or protective orders carry increased penalties, in accordance with Section 77-36-1.1.

In Utah, violating a Protective Order is a Class B Misdemeanor the first time, by the third offense it should be considered a felony. (Utah Law)

Not being charges with a Felony by now, or at least having to wear an ankle monitor, could easily be viewed as a “Special Favor” by now. In the event of injury to his victim, it should also be viewed as “accessory to a crime.”

Citizens for Justice would gladly pay a reward for any information linking money to special favors in any related case. email us Provide documentation (Donor receipts, etc.). If you have other information in this case, mention it in the comments section below.

If you feel a sense of outrage, call the Utah County District Attorney at 801-851-8026 . or email

Be polite and courteous, just let them know you are watching this case with interest.


Mentally Ill Seductress that will bring down two lawyers?

When Bad Girls Get RICO. The Alyssa Alanis Mystique

Alyssa Alanis

By: T.J Monson


Utah is known as a family friendly state. Utah County, on the other hand, has a reputation for its lawyers and judges conspiring behind closed doors to come up with decisions that can only leave one scratching his or her head. Such is the case of Alyssa Alanis.

The welfare recipient, who is also the mother of three different children, from three different fathers, has all the physical traits for which many Mormon women are known for. Sweet mannered, soft-spoken, and physically attractive.

This is why it came as no small shock to Spanish Fork police when they were called out for a domestic assault in October of 2014. The small, 100 plus pound wet, Alanis, had just tried to kill her husband without any verifiable provocation.

The police report stated she had no visible, or invisible injuries. She had however, tried to choke her husband to death, hit him over the head with a wooden stool, and beat him repeatedly with a curtain rod. She was arrested.

After entering a plea of “No Contest”, Miss Alanis was subsequently prosecuted and convicted of Assault and Domestic Violence and placed on probation.  Her then husband was granted a Protective Order and Full Custody of their sole child.

Enter one Kelly Peterson.

In June, 2013 Kelly Peterson was contracted by both Alyssa and her then husband (who she later assaulted) to represent them in a custody matter involving another child. Her husband submitted a $1500 retainer.

Then things got weird. Instead of a child custody matter, Alyssa appears to have used the retainer paid by her then husband to file for divorce against him, using Kelly Peterson as her Attorney.  A clear conflict and ethics violation. Instead of refunding the retainer, Peterson kept it.

According to the current RICO filing, her now ex-husband believes that Kelly Peterson and Alyssa Alanis entered into a sexual relationship, and that Peterson allegedly exchanged legal work for sex. No billing records have been submitted to the Court to invalidate these claims. Instead, Alanis filed a rambling response claiming, “I am not a prostitute”.

In addition to the above, Miss Alanis accused her ex-husband of giving her an STD, which her mother claimed was Herpes. Her ex-husband was tested and found to be STD and Herpes free. Her ex also claims that Alyssa put their then unborn child at risk from the disease.

During the divorce proceedings, Alyssa claimed first that Spanish Fork city dropped all charges. In-spite of a police report and Court documents showing she was guilty of the assault, the Commissioner ruled to reverse custody of their mutual child. Alyssa was granted full custody and her ex, who had not been convicted of Assault or Domestic Violence, was given state minimum visitation.

It is reported in the Court filings that the victim had to go through three attorneys just to get that far.

Meanwhile, Miss Alanis was able to somehow afford a reported $300 an hour attorney, while she claimed to be indigent (broke) under oath, and unable to afford an attorney in her criminal case. Some might construe this as fraud. In, Utah, it is a crime. This was reportedly pointed out to the Spanish Fork Prosecutor who has yet to level any charges in the interests of the City’s taxpayers.

Are you scratching your head yet?




Is One Coin a Scam?

By: William Suberg

OneCoin, a purported cryptocurrency and trading venture based out of Bulgaria, is suspected to be a pyramid scheme with no verifiable evidence to back up any of its business claims. Usually people use Cloud Mining services to invest in cryptoeconomy.

Evidence supplied to CoinTelegraph, in addition to reviews already published elsewhere, suggests that and the One World Foundation are scam operations.

The amount of evidence contributing to OneCoin’s status as a pyramid scheme is considerable. Its directors have previously been involved in other known scam operations, its resources contain no verifiable evidence for any of its business claims and documentation uploaded to support claims often conflicts with the claims themselves.

In addition, the quality of hosted content, including standards of English and website construction, are noticeably poor for an alleged international operation run by native speakers.

A history of bad acting

OneCoin’s Founder, Owner and Chief Operating Officer ‘Dr. Ruja Ignatova’ is the subject of a host of claims seemingly designed to demonstrate experience and business acumen. Information uploaded to states that she received degrees from the University of Oxford and Konstanz, and is the former CEO of Bulgarian private investment firm CSIF.

If the resume available at is to be taken as official information, it is notable that claims made elsewhere are not replicated in the document. Ignatova’s participation in a Harvard negotiating course is only mentioned on the One World Foundation website despite a scan being present in the resume.

Ignatova’s own websites state that she graduated Oxford with Magister Juris in European and Comparative Law in 2004. The websites in question are blogs from WordPress, Blogspot and Weebly, the latter two in German stating that in 2004 Ignatova entered employment having graduated from Oxford. A scanned certificate on states she completed the program in 2009; no document from 2004 is visible.

CSIF has been contacted for confirmation of Ignatova’s previous employment, but at the time of writing CoinTelegraph has not received a response.



Kelly Peterson - Utah's Most Vile Lawyer?

RICO Lawsuit Exposes Perjury Problems in Utah Legal System


By: T.J. Monson

Kelly Peterson (Pictured) and Alyssa Alanis are Being Sued for Racketeering.

“Perjury, the crime of lying under oath, is a serious offense because it can derail the basic goal of the justice system—discovering the truth. Even the famous and the powerful have faced the consequences of perjury, which include prosecution (Barry Bonds), prison (Marion Jones), and impeachment (Bill Clinton).” (

In his response to the RICO complaint against him and his client (who stands accused of the crime of prostitution – trading sex for legal fees), Kelly Peterson submitted the following to the Court:

“More Importantly, Perjury is not an Unlawful Act.” (Kelly Peterson)

Under the state’s RICO Act crimes are defined as,

zz) false or inconsistent material statements, Section 76-8-502;
(aaa) false or inconsistent statements, Section 76-8-503;
(bbb) written false statements, Section 76-8-504; (RICO ACT)
So, in essence, Kelly Peterson just lied under oath, IE: committed perjury. This is a crime that should be punished with fines and up to six months in jail. But, as other documents in the case have shown, Mr. Peterson doesn’t appear to have a problem with perjury.
Its a good thing, his co-defendant is now being taken to task for lying about her assault and the origin of her STD. A Motion was filed to hold her in Contempt of Court for making false statements under oath.
If people are going to rely on the Courts for Justice than the Courts have to enforce their own rules on telling the truth, regardless of whether the Attorney is friends with the Judge or Commissioner.
Otherwise, why bother to tell people to solve their problems in Court? The Guilty party will only lie his or her way out of it. Which is what people tend to do when they commit criminal actions.
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Muhammad Ali, The True Heart of a Champion

By: E.Z. Money

Muhammad Ali was born  on Jan. 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky to Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr. and Odessa Grady Clay. Marcellus was a “hard drinking, skirt chasing dandy” according to his friends, who painted billboards and other signs for a living. He also played piano, danced and wrote music.

His mother was Odessa Grady Clay. She had a major impact on her son. Ali stated:

“My mother is a Baptist, and when I was growing up, she taught me all she knew about God. Every Sunday, she dressed me up, took me and my brother to church, and taught us the way she thought was right. She taught us to love people and treat everybody with kindness. She taught us it was wrong to be prejudiced or hate. I’ve changed my religion and some of my beliefs since then, but her God is still God; I just call him by a different name. And my mother, I’ll tell you what I’ve told people for a long time. She’s a sweet, fat, wonderful woman, who loves to cook, eat, make clothes, and be with family. She doesn’t drink, smoke, meddle in other people’s business, or bother anyone, and there’s no one who’s been better to me my whole life.”

Odessa was always at ringside and had a major influence on Ali’s career. She traveled with him, and sat ringside at almost every fight. He nicknamed her “Bird”.

Ali decided to learn how to fight after having his bike stolen at age 12, on the recommendation of a police officer, Joe Martin. Martin trained young boxers at a local gym. In 1954 Ali won a split decision on his first bout. In 1956 he won the Golden Gloves Tournament for novices in the light-heavyweight class. Three years later, he won the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, as well as the Amateur Athletic Union’s national title for the light heavyweight division.

In 1960, Ali won the Gold Medal at the Olympics in Rome. He was heralded as an American hero and entered the world of professional boxing. In 1964, he knocked out Sonny Listen and became the heavyweight champion of the world.

Like his spiritual mentor, Malcolm X , Ali decided to join the Nation of Islam, a black segregationist organization that desired to build their own black nation within a nation. It was here that Cassius Clay became Cassius X and later Muhammad Ali.

When he joined the Nation of Islam, he was criticized by black  integrationists, like baseball hero Jackie Robinson. According to the author of “Blood Brothers,” which cataloged the friendship of Ali and Malcolm X,

“Here you have the most famous mainstream civil rights leaders, heroes — King, [Jackie] Robinson, Floyd Patterson — who were criticizing Clay for joining the Nation of Islam.” Robinson, who had retired from Major League Baseball by then, even went public with his dislike. “He quarreled with Malcolm in the press, criticized him,” Smith says. “He believed that Malcolm’s approach set back the civil rights movement.” The Nation, with its stridently anti-white ideology, was the exact opposite of the peaceful integration mainstream civil rights leaders had been working for.”

Although Malcolm X fell from grace and was allegedly assassinated by his fellow members of the Nation of Islam, Ali seemed to rise as his vocal legacy. Ali became a counter-culture hero during the turbulant 60s when Civil Rights marches were replaced with inner-city riots and violent black activism.

Ali enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the American public. In 1967, he refused to serve in the military because of his religious beliefs. In one of his most famous quotes, Ali stated:

“Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? No I’m not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over. This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here. I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn’t have to draft me, I’d join tomorrow. I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I’ll go to jail, so what? We’ve been in jail for 400 years.”

In 1967, Ali was sentenced to five years in prison for refusing to report for military service. He was also stripped of his boxing crown and banned from boxing for the next three years. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1970 and he returned to the ring, having missed three years of fighting in his prime.

Upon his return, Ali took on the flamboyant personality and outrageous persona that most remember him for. Millions watched to see the “Greatest” succeed, or to hope for his failure. Howard Cosell, who backed Ali’s decision to refuse military service stated:

“I was right to back Muhammad Ali, but it caused me major enmity in many areas of this nation.”

Ever the heel, Ali relished in tormenting his critics with his famous one-liners, like “”I should be a postage stamp. That’s the only way I’ll ever get licked.” or “I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.” Yet, few would argue he could back up his words in the ring.

In 1970, at the “Fight of the Century,” Ali lost to Joe Frazier after being leveled by Frasier’s left hook. The fight had gone a brutal fourteen rounds and was decided by decision. It was Ali’s first loss after 31 fights.

He lost a second fight to Ken Norton and his critics bragged his career was over and that the “Greatest” was “washed up”. Ever determined to overcome, Ali persevered, and prevailed.

In 1974, at the “Rumble in the Jungle”, Ali let his younger opponent land body blows until he was exhausted. His “Rope a Dope” strategy wore out his opponent and led to Ali knocking out the undefeated George Foreman in the eighth round.

In 1975, Ali wore down Joe Frazier in the 14th round and his trainer threw in the towel. Dubbed the “Thrilla in Manilla”, Ali was back on top. He retained the crown until his defeat by Leon Spinks in 1978.

Ali tried a brief comeback but age and battles had taken their toll. His official record stands at 56 Wins, 5 Losses and 37 Knock outs. As we mourn his passing, we must pay tribute to what can only be called the “True Heart of a Champion.”


Cavs vs. Warriors. Look at the Numbers.

By. E.Z. Money

In 2015 the Cavs took the Warriors through 6 games of brutality. As the table below shows, the Cavs lost the series by only 17 total points. Far from a blow-out, more like a squeeker.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6
Last Year the Cavs didn’t have a healthy Kyrie Irving, who averaged 23 points per game in last years battle against the Warriors, while struggling with injuries. He was unable to finish the series. Kevin Love averaged about 12 points per game against the Warriors in the regular season. However, he can spread the floor and opens up more scoring opportunities with his excellent rebounding.

Lebron James was the leading scorer last year with over 35 points per game. In the past, James has been reluctant to penetrate and can be frustrated into shooting low percentage shots from the outside. This was a major factor when he was the only major shooter on the floor in last year’s playoffs.

Now, the Warriors have at least three major scoring threats on the floor, and the Cavs are a legitimate 3 point threat having averaged 33.2 shots per game in this years playoffs.

What it boils down to is whether James will commit himself inside the paint and risk taking some hard fouls when he takes it to the hole. You cant win this series without dominating in the paint.

If James blinks, the Cavs will lose. If not, this will be the first Championship Cleveland has had in decades.




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